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Where can you park ZOLO?

The main goal for ZOLO is to be able to move around the city with ease. 

When you sign up you can see our parking zones, but that does not mean that you can't ride outside those zones. It just means that you won't be able to 'end our ride' with ZOLO in that area.


However! We we have added some additional parking zones outside of the main area where you can leave you ZOLO knowing no additional fees will be added.


When you look at the GEO map in the ZOLO app you can see small zones outside the main area but to avoid any confusion here are the additional parking zones.

University of Reykjavík 

Right in front of the university you can park your scooters!


The are two zones in Vesturbær. First one is in front of Vesturbæjarlaug (swimming pool) and the second one is in front of KR/DHL-Höllin (Reykjavík Sports Club)




There are two parking zones at Seltjarnarnes. First one is at Eiðistorg and the other one is in front of Seltjarnarneslaug (Swimming pool) and World Class (Gym).


There 5 areas in Laugardalur! First one is in front of Laugardalslaug (swimming pool), second one is outside of World Class Laugar (Gym), third one is in front of  Laugardalsvöllur (Iceland national football stadium), forth one is in front of Laugardalshöll (Inside sports arena) and the fifth one is in front of Húsdýragarðurinn (park/zoo).


There is one parking area in front of the back entrance of Kringlan right infront of Borgarleikhúsið (Reykjavík City Theater).


Perlan a prominent landmark in Iceland a great place to see a panoramic view over Reykjavík and Kópavogur.

In Additional you can leave your ZOLO on these streets: Sundlaugarvegur, Laugarásvegur, Álfheimar and a part of Suðurlandsbraut and Skeiðavogur.

Now go explore!

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