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Discover What To Do In Reykjavik on a ZOLO Scooter!

Hello Explorers!

Ready for an amazing adventure in Reykjavík, Iceland?

There’s no better way to see the city than on a ZOLO scooter.

Zip around easily to all the cool spots with our daily rental packages, perfect for exploring everything in just one day!

Plus, our handy ZOLO app comes with a built-in travel guide that tells you about the most attractive tourist spots and a Google Maps guide to get you there.

free guide to reykjavik

Let’s dive into what to do in Reykjavik!


This tall church is like a giant tower that you can see from all over the city! It’s named after a famous poet and looks a bit like a rocket. Scoot over and enjoy a breathtaking view of Reykjavík from the top.



Imagine a giant glass dome on top of big water tanks—that’s Perlan! Inside, you can explore a real ice cave and learn all about Iceland’s natural wonders. Don’t miss the stunning views from the observation deck.



This sparkling concert hall sits right by the sea. Harpa's glass walls glimmer like jewels. Pop by to admire its modern architecture and maybe catch a musical performance!

Harpan Concert hall

Old Harbour

The Old Harbour is bustling with life where you can enjoy fresh seafood, watch boats, and maybe even spot some whales on a tour.

The old harbour

Sun Voyager

Check out this shiny metal sculpture that looks like a Viking ship. It’s perfect for cool photos and dreaming about ancient voyages.

The sun voyager

National History Museum

Dive into Iceland’s past and see artifacts like Viking swords. This museum is a treasure trove of stories from centuries ago.

National history museum of Iceland

Botanic Garden

This garden is a tranquil spot filled with colorful flowers and plants. Take a leisurely ride here to enjoy some quiet time in nature.

The Botanic garden

Grótta Lighthouse

Ride out to this charming lighthouse on the city’s edge. If you're lucky, you might catch the magical Northern Lights!

Grotta lighthouse


This popular outdoor pool is a favorite local spot to swim or relax in a hot tub. It's the perfect place to unwind after a day of scooting.


The City Hall

This modern building sits by a lake and inside, it houses a massive map of Iceland—great for getting your bearings and planning more adventures!

Reykjavik City hall

The Parliament

Visit this historic building where important decisions are made. It’s a key piece of Iceland’s history and a must-see for history buffs.


Choose from our Quick Spin, City Explorer, or Freedom Rider packages to make the most of your day. Each package offers a range of options to fit your schedule and interests, allowing you to explore much of Reykjavík within a 24-hour period.

Don’t forget, to download the ZOLO app, use the code "Explorer" to get your first 10 minutes free, and start your scooting adventure today. It's the cheapest and most fun way to explore every corner of the city.

Happy Riding and Exploring!

Tjornin pond

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